Missionaries We Support

Frank & Shelly Garres
Missionaries to Nicaragua
Victory Academy Opening (5)
Aurora Castilo
Uganda, Africa Victory Church & School
Steve Bromwyn Missionaries pic
Steve and Bromwyn Niles
Directors Youth With A Missions
Steve and Bromwyn run a large YWAM base in Algeirs Point New Orleans for  all size groups and teams to minister and feed the inner city areas. They also oversee the Living Alternatives Pregnacy Center that help young women find life for their babies.
David A. Newberry
Missionary Evangelist to the Nations
Dr. George Koshy
President of Faith Theological Seminary, India
Mark & Genny Koche
Missionaries to Mongolia
Dr. Gustav Dutoit
Director of Lofdal Ministries, South Africa
Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum
Victor & Kathy Barrouse
Siberia Russia
Oleg Kunin
GSCAEF Russia Missions
Like Walters
MAP 1040 Missions
Leo & Charity Ford
Nicaragua Missions
Hitii & Melonie Kocke
Mongolia Broadcast TV Ministry