China & Tibet

China is an incredibly beautiful country with a diversity of peoples and culture. There are over a billion Han chinese and other ethnic groups that are ready to hear the good news of Jesus. China is a closed country to Christinity and believers are often imprisoned and persecuted for their faith. This has forced over 100 million Christians to meet secretly in homes and factories and is called the “underground church”. We support several missionary families that work directly with these underground churches and ethnic minority groups of China. Literally tens of thousands of Chinese are coming to know Jesus each day!
Because of the importance of keeping secrect the identity of the missionary, the leaders and believers and their locations we cannot show you pictures or give you addresses on this web site.

However if you want to personally support or correspond with these workers, we can help you connect with them. Call or email us.

Pastor Sonny takes teams into China and Tibet to bring bibles and teach in the underground churches and bibe schools.