India & Nepal

Nepal Missions Trip

Dr George Koshy
Faith Theokogical Seminary

Manakala, India

Dr Alexi George
Faith Theological Seminary

Manakala, India


Reverend Dev Chetri
Kathmandu, Nepal
India is truly an amazing land. The people, culture and food are diverse and rich with history, politics and religion. It is a land that is both rich and desperately poor. Presently there is a revival of Christianity throughout the vast populations of Muslims and Hindus.


Praise Church is currently supporting Dr. George Koshy and Faith Theological Seminary that graduates over 100 pastors annually. Over 1100 churches , Bible Schools and Training Centers are operated by this ministry throughout India, Nepal and the Middle East. These in turn are responsible for planting new works among the Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Taliban and many other unreached people groups.